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Ron Lee Art & Metal Casting Factory Tour

We offer full design capability, as well as design assistance to our customers.

We can reproduce your original design or create one for you with a private label. We can take your product from the design phase all the way through production and finishing. We can even pack your sculptures for shipping.

Tour our factory to find out all the capabilites we have to offer our customers at Ron Lee Art & Metal Casting

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All stops on our factory Tour
  1. Sculpting & Design
  2. Vulcanized Mold Making
  3. Metal Casting in White Metal, Pewter or Zinc
  4. RTV Mold Making
  5. Poly Resin Casting
  6. Soldering & Assembly
  7. Hand Painting
  8. Gold Finish Processs & Silver Nitrate Plating
  9. Mounting on Marble, Onyx and a Variety of Cast Bases
  10. Finished Products
Ron Lee can take your product from design through production and finishing.
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